Shoppers Sacco

Shoppers Sacco

We have continued to rebrand Saccos in Kenya, including Naku Sacco (of Nakumatt Supermarket) to Shoppers Sacco. The Sacco desired to retain its customer base as well as increase membership and reach even more diverse clients.

Similar to Imarika Sacco, rebranding Naku Sacco involved understanding their brand story, its promise, tone, persona and essence. It involved understanding how they operated, the circumstances that necessitated the rebrand and the future they desired. This was followed by a brand architecture exercise that involved coming up with a new brand name, a new logo, a new brand book, repositioning the Sacco by telling different stories, redesigning their business processes and orienting their internal culture towards making the new brand a success. We also carried out intense marketing and communication activities to launch the brand and improve its uptake amongst current and potential customers. As a result of the rebranding, Shoppers Sacco remained standing even after the fall of Nakumatt.

Client: Shoppers Sacco
Services: Brand Strategy

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