Imarika Sacco

Imarika Sacco

The former Kilifi Teachers’ Sacco, now Imarika Sacco, the largest Sacco in the coastal province, reached out to us with the problem. At the time, the Sacco ecosystem was changing and so in order to keep up with the trend and be ahead, Kilifi Teachers Sacco decided to do a full rebrand in order to attract new members (beyond teachers), and increase its geographical sphere of influence and improve its services.

Client: Imarika Sacco
Services: Brand Strategy

The Process

We took up the challenge and executed the following;

  • Understanding the initial brand (Kilifi Teachers Sacco) by conducting a situational analysis. 
  • Stakeholder mapping, segregation and developing an engagement strategy. 
  • Brand Architecture, including coming up with the new name (Imarika Sacco). 
  • The visual design of the new brand. 
  • Developing a brand strategy document for the new brand. 
  • Developing a communications strategy (internal and external). 
  • Developing a culture change strategy – the Board, Management, Staff and Agents of the Sacco needed to buy into the new brand. They needed to understand that their actions and/or inactions affected the brand, and that they were now brand ambassadors. 
  • Training – where we onboarded the Board, Management, Staff and Agents of the Sacco to the new brand culture.

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