Thellesi Co: #BabyTimebomb Campaign

In March 2020, the Government commissioned a survey titled ‘Kenya Health Information Survey’ to show the magnitude of the teenage pregnancy crisis. Curious about this survey, we organised our own research, holding several online discussions with over 200, 18 to 25-yr olds in Nairobi. We learnt that the realities & uncertainties that this pandemic presented, inflicted them with a lot of anxiety, stress and even depression. It was interesting to note that while there was an increase in sexual crimes, there was also an increase in consensual sex.

With this information, we ran a very successful 2-weeks social media campaign dubbed #BabyTimebomb to create awareness of the looming reproductive health crisis and to call upon stakeholders to engage in accurate mitigation measures. This campaign culminated in the form of a webinar with relevant stakeholders in order to chart a way forward.

Client: Thellesi Co.
Services: Social Media Marketing

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