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What is UHC

UHC means Universal Health Coverage. It is the way that WHO (globally) and the Kenya Government will use to ensure that everyone in Kenya can get access to quality and affordable healthcare. What this means is that whenever you get sick, you will be able to get good treatment in a facility near you, without going broke. A pilot project that confirmed that it is possible was done in four counties (Kisumu, Machakos, Isiolo and Nyeri) and now the Government is working to roll it out to the whole country. Listen to the CEO of NHIF explain it simply:

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Everyone will be required to get health insurance coverage. The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is one of them. Then those who can pay for these covers will be required to pay and those who cannot afford to pay will be identified and supported by the Kenyan Government. 

So when everyone is settled into this system, then we can say that we have attained UHC. Therefore, UHC is not a cover but a better way of life.  So achieving this state is a journey or a process. It will need everyone involved to work together to make it happen.

UHC is a journey

Some of the key players are the Government of Kenya, health institutions, and health workers, including community health volunteers, pharmaceutical companies, etc. You and I (the citizens) also play a big role. Our role is getting that health insurance coverage and most importantly, holding those responsible for making sure we get these health rights accountable and reporting those who are not doing their work. 

So imagine suddenly falling sick and immediately going to the hospital near you without worrying about who will pay and whether the services you will get are legit; You walk in and walk out healthy, having gotten the best treatment Now that is UHC in action.

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