Thellesi Co. a strategic design consultancy agency, working primarily with social organizations namely, Government, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Not-for-Profit bodies, to create and implement innovative, creative and impactful marketing & communications solutions.

The agency, previously known as Thellesi Media, has been in existence since 2010 and has garnered a wealth of experience in documenting and curating content for clients interested in showcasing their organizational capacity & impact in communities.

Thellesi Co. has rebranded because of our interest in strengthening your ability to talk to people. We are tapping into the African ideal which believes that "people are wealth" and that everyone deserves to be engaged as a human first and foremost.

Our ethos is one that believes in building relationships with people because they are at the core of our team, messaging, strategy and projects.


Since our inception, almost 10 years ago, our core focus has been in the scripting, editing, and packing of audio-visual content. Our vision is to grow into a multifaceted content production agency catering solely to the social impact community.


Thellesi Co. is made up of a vibrant team of people that includes the core team listed as well as a strong network of individuals who have worked for and with us throughout the years. We believe that everyone is a leader and mentorship is at the heart of our team.


Conrad Mochu

Managing Director
“I am a person who loves people.”

Conrad is a natural problem solver, he loves to make sense out of information by connecting the dots and creating the big idea! He spends his time understanding the challenges that people face; and is always seeking opportunities to help people resolve their internal and external conflicts by bringing clarity into situations.

He has been an avid content creator since 2006, starting off as a videographer, then rising to the ranks of a Director of Photography and finally becoming a Producer. In 2011, Conrad ventured into the creation of brand strategies and has been passionate about this topic ever since. Specifically, he has engaged with non-profits, for over 15years, documenting their projects, impact stories and positioning their communications to attract donors and partners.

People energize Conrad. He believes that people are wealth and that we all need to be deliberate in the way we interact with each other. Conrad values relationships as they have contributed greatly to who is today and who he will be tomorrow.


Wambui JL

Creative Director
“If it’s not visualized, it does not exist.”

Wambui is passionate about creativity, innovation and creating visual solutions. She believes that many (if not all) problems, especially in regards to social matters, can be solved by simple messaging and great visuals. Wambui is a big fan of industry collaborations. The idea of bringing people together, even though they are competitors, in one space so as to tackle any challenge from various angles and to build their industry.

She has been a Graphic Designer since 2011 and has worked in Advertising and communications agencies in the capacity of a creative thinker. Wambui has also been a Brand Manager for a leading and growing hospitality company in Kenya. She as part of the Thellesi team that traveled around Kenya rebranding Saccos in the 2013-2015 period and that as a very exciting project.

People are at the heart of hat Wambui does because, without people, brands, companies, products, and services would not have a reason to exist. The core of any communication is the people it is talking on behalf of and talking to, this is an element that we must never lose sight of.


Aaron Kariuki

Audio Visual Manager
“Africa has beautiful stories, yet they remain untold.”

Aaron believes in realness and simplicity. Over the years he has come to appreciate the value of telling stories that connect with people and that eventually impact those who interact with the final audio-visual package.

He began producing video content in 2006 and has been in the game long enough to intimately understand the tiniest nuts and bolts of the industry. Aaron has written scripts, filmed, edited and produced video content for 15 years; and not just in mainstream media but also non-profit organizations.

He believes that people deserve to interact with content that leaves a lasting impact on their minds and lives. Aaron is passionate about helping create these stories in simple, captivating and informative ways.


Oliver Kagwe

PR & Media Manager

“Stories are for sharing.”

Oliver is an observer of life and is interested in helping solve daily life problems that cause society to not function at its best. He uses humor and relatable storytelling to connect with his audience, but at the same time to challenge the mindsets that are holding us behind as a society.

He has written scripts, directed & produced videos, managed & developed content social media, written reports and is an avid blogger. Oliver has a keen interest in growing his career through documentary production, marketing, and communications.

Oliver believes that if people form good and genuine relationships with each other they could be in a better position to move forward as citizens of the world.


Our secret sauce is made up of five (5) bus stops on the road map to creating great strategic content.


We get into the heart of possibility by understanding your needs and market insights. We achieve this using the triple S method i.e. See, Strategize and Solve.


Plan in place, we proceed to create informed & insightful solutions that, will solve the problem you have as well as create a great impact on communities.


Great things come in nice packages, so we ensure that your communication simple, relatable, real and relevant to your objectives and the community's needs.


Once the communication is produced and packaged we orchestrate their publication on targetted platforms and media both in the traditional and digital spaces. We also push the content via online boosted posts and Ads.


We know the value of as many eyeballs as possible on your communication. That is why we recommend not only pushing content online but offline as well; to facilitate increased engagement and conversations.


Our three (3) packages are designed to translate your organizational objectives into strategic visibility and value.


  • (2) Designed posts with relevant messaging per week (1 Meme and/or 1 Image/Video)
  • (2) Videos (Select any two from Corporate, Programme/Project, Emerging Issues/Update, and Impact Videos)
  • (1) Online Boosted Posts & Ads
  • (1) Event Photography
  • (1) Newsletter (Design, Dispatch, Content & Database Management)
  • Basic Analytics and Reports


  • (3) Designed posts with relevant messaging per week (1 Video, 1 Meme & 1 image)
  • (4) Videos (Corporate, Programme, Emerging Issues/Update, and Impact)
  • (4) Online Boosted Posts & Ads
  • (2) Event photography
  • (1) Newsletter (Design, Dispatch, Content & Database Management)
  • Logo Refresh
  • Website Content Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Basic Analytics and Reports


  • Designed posts with relevant messaging per week (Videos, Memes & Images)
  • Videos (Corporate, Documentaries, Programme/Project, Emerging Issues/Update, and Impact)
  • Online Advertising
  • Event Photography
  • Newsletter (Design, Dispatch, Content & Database Management)
  • Logo Rebrand & Brandbook
  • Website Re-design & Content Management
  • CEO Management (Image Branding, Social Media, Blogs, vLogs, OpEds)
  • Strategy Documents (Business Plans, Brand, Communications, Media and Digital)
  • PR, Corporate Image & Crisis Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Event Management (Workshops, Media Breakfasts & Briefings)
  • Media Buying
  • Research
  • In-depth Analytics and Reports

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