Baby Timebomb Virtual Meeting

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Four months ago, Covid-19 reached Kenya and it brought along with it an evident health crisis and an eventual economic mess. But brewing in silence is yet another crisis, a reproductive health catastrophe!

As the country continues to grapple with this new virus and ways of responding to it, human interaction, a key human nature and right, has been constricted. The isolation has resulted in boredom which has in turn taken a toll on people (especially young people).

After organising several online discussions with more than 200 18-25 year olds in Nairobi, we have learnt that the realities and uncertainties that this pandemic has presented them with have brought about a lot of anxiety and stress. As a coping mechanism, the majority of them have taken to unhealthy habits such as alcohol and drug abuse, crime and increased sexual activity. We have further learnt that while there has been an increase in sexual crimes, there has also been an almost equal rise in consensual sex.

In line with these conversations, we have been running a social media campaign over the last 2 weeks dubbed #BabyTimebomb. The purpose of the campaign has been to create awareness of the looming reproductive health crisis and to call upon stakeholders to engage in mitigation measures as well as prepare appropriate responses when the crisis hits. We are of the view that increased sexual activity increases opportunities for unintended pregnancies, abortions and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Consequently, the quality of lower of our young people will deteriorate as stress, depression and even suicide levels will increase.

Having listened to the voices of the youth, the panelists will seek to discuss and answer these big questions:

Q1: Is there a reproductive health crisis looming?

Q2: What are the existing interventions around Reproductive Health and how are they being innovated in the context of COVID-19 and its #NewNormal?

Q3: What are the gaps in strengthening behaviour change among young people?
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Speakers & Panelists


CEO, Thellesi Co

Julie Mwabe

Gender Advisor, Office of the President, Republic of Kenya

Kennedy Odede 1

Founder, Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)

Evalin Karijo_Photo

Project Director: Y-ACT, Youth in Action, Amref Health Africa


National Department Manager, DSW Kenya

Caroline Kabiru-Profile

Senior Research Scientist, APHRC


Policy and Research Officer, APHRC


Founder, DadaPower Initiative

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August 4, 2020
  • Welcome10.00 am
    Conrad Mochu will welcome everyone and set the scene for the discussions.
  • Samples of Youth voices10.10 am
    Listen to samples of youth voices
  • Keynote: Ken Odede, Shofco10: 15 am
    Kennedy will give a keynote sharing the experiences of these young people in the eyes of Shofco.
  • Keynote: Julie Mwabe10.30 am

    Julie will give a keynote on what policy considerations need to be made on the issue.

  • Panel discussion10:45 am
  • Panel Discussion11:05 am
    What are the gaps in strengthening behaviour change among youth and what needs to be done in terms of policy?
  • Thanks and wrap up11:20 am