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Of Homonyms & Saving My Friend

I was with a friend of mine having lunch and I wanted to share a tweet on something he had said. Allow me to put you in the context of our conversation first. This will also aid you to understand the conclusion of this article.

My friend told me, ‘I have just received a security proposal from this lady. She wants to supply me with guards for my properties, yet she runs a club. So I asked her why she is leaving the club business and she said that people nowadays don’t drink beer. The economy is bad.’

Of late I have been obsessed by the state of the economy in Kenya. So immediately I wanted to upload and tag my followers. It’s news just in and it’s hot. Imagine people giving up on the bottle; it’s proof people are broke.

I have always found the placement of propositions tricky in recent times as language transforms. It reminds me when I was in college and our Indian professor used to say, “Propositions are the most difficult in the English language.” So I wanted to get clarification of the word pray on/for.

Upon asking him which proposition to use (he holds a PhD in Agriculture), he said Pray On. I was not in agreement so we began arguing about it.

After a few sentences flew, my friend realized that I meant the word PRAY, but he thought it was PREY. This automatically sent me thinking why he chose the meaning of Prey and not Pray. I discovered that You respond to words according to your context/situation.

“Unconsciously, we find ourselves reporting our situation. We understand words and statements in the current context: the situation you are in makes you understand words differently that have the same pronunciation.”

I asked my friend if everything is ok. And he quickly answered YES. Then I started to pay attention to his words and statements. Once in a while laying traps to see what words he will use. I chose words that were similar In pronunciation but different in meaning – Homonyms. And I paid a lot of attention to the words he picked.



Unfortunately, he fell to my trap and chose words that reflected his current context. I took him for a drink and there he opened up. I discovered that he was going through a challenging time in his life and he had not disclosed it to anyone. I was happy I paid attention and now we are walking the journey of healing and prosperity.

I discovered that the context you are in makes you choose the words that are closer to that context even if it has multiple meanings. Start paying attention to words with the same pronunciation but different meaning when conversing with your friends and you could be the person saving your friend.

Another Homonym that you can try to test financial stability is broke. It can mean not having the money or something that’s been tampered with. Test and see how your friends are doing financially. The list is endless. We just need to pay attention.



This is a very powerful tool for people to assist their friends who are going through mental health or facing certain challenges. But unfortunately, we don’t pay attention to these statements that appear as a mistake.

Office Brainstorm

Strategy Is Not a Buzzword

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory and that tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat,” Sun Tzu.

In the highly competitive world that we live in, strategies and tactics are essential for anyone to survive and remain relevant. As recent as last week, we gathered around a table with one thing bugging our minds; where do we want to be in the next ten years? I kid you not, we took an entire day to crack the answer to that question.

We started off by asking ourselves where we currently are as a company. We discovered that we are excellent at content creation, especially audiovisual content. It is a thing we do without a hassle. For instance, while other companies run around asking for quotes, we don’t have to hire any equipment since we have everything in-house. We also don’t need external camera persons and editors since we have them and we don’t call designers and copywriters since we have our own. This, we evaluated, is a very strong position to be in and it gives us an edge over many of the rest.

Thellesi Co. team strategizing for a client at our offices

Thellesi Co. team strategizing for a client at our offices

Based on where we are, we asked ourselves where we want to be. We had to agree as a team on where we are going and why. And this was the hard part. This destination first has to a place that as a company we all want to go, and second, it has to be a place where the world is also going. We want to be visibility experts – storytellers; people who help any type of brand to not just communicate but also connect with its audience in a memorable fashion. Using technology, we want to help our clients remain relevant in the lives of their customers. We strongly believe that videography is the future of visibility. That is why youtube is the most visited website in the world, and Instagram has IGTV, and WhatsApp has status. Facebook has facebook live and Twitter has twitter live. Even the streets of our cities are full of large screens playing videos on them.

At this point, we were certain about where we are and where we intend to go. The next thing was to decide on the direction we would take, and the means of getting there i.e, how would we get to our destination? It is here where we arrived at a tactic. A method that we have been using (but we had not defined it) and that we shall continue to use as our vehicle. It is our secret source to great content and we call it the Penta-P Process.


After listening to you explain your need, we quickly get into ‘find a solution’ mode. Our first step is creating a plan using a method we call Tripple S, i.e:

  1. SEE –  Here is where we define and understand the problem at hand. It is here that sometimes we realize that what you thought was the problem is actually not it. Then, by immersing ourselves into this problem, we get an all-round understanding that puts us in a better position to tackle it and even spot more opportunities that you can take advantage of.
  2. STRATEGIZE – After seeing, we devise a master plan that is not just to help us devise a way of confronting and solving the problem but also to help us define a means of execution for the solutions we will create for you.
  3. SOLVE – We then apply strategic design & lateral thinking to tackle the problems identified in the SEE stage following the plan made in the strategize stage. This means we brainstorm and analyze the data we have in order to come up with tailor-made ideas that are a perfect fit for your needs.


WIth a plan in place, we proceed to create informed & insightful solutions that, will solve the problem you have as well as create a great impact on your customers or the people you serve. These solutions may include PR/Targeted Communications, Media, Advertisements, Digital (Web and Social Media), Event management, Business Strategies, Content Production (videos, documentaries, still images etc).

Thellesi Co. brainstorm session at our offices

Thellesi Co. brainstorm session at our offices.


One might cook the tastiest dish but if they present it awfully, interest in it reduces drastically. At some point, we have all bought into products or services that were well presented but the details were trash. How anything is packaged influences greatly the interest that people will pick in it. Being a people-centric company, we understand this very well. That is why we put together your communication and present it in a simple, relatable, real and relevant manner – because we want you to rouse as much interest as you can.


Once we are comfortable that your content has well been packaged, we present to the consumers/customers. This could be through tv and radio ads, videos, blogs, vlogs, OpEds, memes etc.


Serving your food to just the people who regularly visit your restaurant does not do much for growth. We take things a bit further. We know the value of as many eyeballs as possible on your communication. That is why we recommend not only pushing content online but offline as well; to facilitate increased engagement and conversations. It is from these conversations that conversion happens.

In summary, a strategy is simply answering the following questions and devising creative ways (tactics) of achieving your end result.

  1. Where are you?
  2. Where do you want to go?
  3. How will you go there?

We understand that as with any long journey, there are hurdles that we shall encounter along the way. I dare say we are ready for them. Thellesi has not just the talent but also the technique and tools needed to get a good job done. We have done it in the past – there is no reason why we cannot do it now and again in the future.

Feature Image: Strategy session for a key client at the Thellesi Co. boardroom.

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