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The Prius & Why I Love It!

I had the privilege to be the first person to customize and drive the car that we have nicknamed – The Car of the Future. This is none other than the Toyota Prius. It is a car that combines the electrical and engine components to propel the car at different times. The engine kicks in when the accelerator is applied, and the battery takes over when you brake the car or when the car is idling.

This car also senses when the battery level is low and immediately the engine runs to charge the battery to the recommended or set level. When it achieves this (usually in less than 5 minutes), the battery takes over again. It is due to this that this car is considered a town car. It uses very little fuel in traffic as most of the time it’s on battery, and this battery is charged when the car runs on the engine.

Here are some of the outstanding features I have observed:

  1. Space – This car is generally roomy. It has more space on the inside and feels bigger. On the rear seat, three people can sit comfortably. We traveled for 500kms and it was comfortable. A RAV4 or a Juke wouldn’t match the same comfort if seated on the rear seat.
  2. Fuel efficiency – This car consumes literally zero fuel when in traffic. In normal vehicles, we waste around 30% of fuel due to traffic jams. Using this car around means that you get to save on fuel.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – The Prius saves 30% on fuel costs. This helps to reduce carbon emissions and saves our Environment that is in dire need of conservation and intervention. Imagine a car that saves 70% on fuel, the environment would award us big time.
  4. Electrical Components – Generally, in motor vehicles, electrical components tend to last longer than mechanical parts. That is why sensors last long in cars. Toyota’s inclusion of electrical parts in the Prius model means that they have blessed us with less mechanical costs and durability of parts.
  5. Keyless Entry – I love the keyless feature in this car. It has the keyless entry on the drivers and co-drivers side.
  6. Picks Speed Fast – I was amazed by how fast this 1800 cc was picking up speed. Especially when you engage the power mode. It was accelerating pretty well for such an engine size.
  7. Parts – I can’t finish this blog without mentioning parts backup. Parts are a big headache and concern to many people. They determine if you will buy a certain type of car or not.

This car suspension fits parts from other cars like Fielder and Rav 4. The service parts interchange between Fielder and Axio/Belta- which are very popular brands. It’s only the air filter that is different, and of course the electrical part.

I will continue to access the car for a year and read up its manual then do another blog, one year later.

Rebranding: A Fresh Coat of Paint vs. The Complete Overhaul


“Change, however slight, is necessary for survival. It is called adaptation.

In our day to day lives, we rebrand in small, subtle ways and other times in big, significant ways. The female of our species is known to dab on a little makeup in of varying degrees: ranging from a light, almost non existent touch up also called the no-makeup look (Case in point The Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, on her wedding day in 2018); to the complete make overlook, also known as the face beat for the gods, where the subject is almost unrecognisable from their original version.

On the male side of things, a subtle change is achieved by visiting a barber for a top up. While in the month of November a.k.a November, we note two extremes from the complete shaving of all facial hair; to growing out all follicles of one’s facial hair to enter into the elite and envious club known as the beard gang.

There are methods of changing one’s look by changing the style of clothes, shoes or accessories. Interior home design is an art of altering our living and working spaces either by just applying a fresh coat of paint or by demolishing walls and throwing in an entirely new kitchen plus the sink. The end game in all of these exercises is visual change.

Thellesi Co Office Floor Overhaul

Thellesi Co Office Floor Overhaul

Therefore, the question begs, if we can make subtle and extreme visual changes to our faces, styles, offices, and homes; can we apply the same to our organizations? The answer is a big YES!

There are two ways an organization can change up how it is visually portrayed to its staff, clients, customers, communities, suppliers, donors, and partners in a process of which is called Rebranding.

  1. Subtle but sweet – In these harsh economic and extremely busy times, it might seem to be a lot of work to rethink your organization’s brand look and feel. However, there is a short cut version of the invasive surgery that rebranding might be known for. It is called a brand refresh which allows you to keep key elements intact but review items such as font selection and logo presentation. This simple switch won’t take much to do and is not time-consuming. The benefits.of a Brand refresh is that it helps you update the organization’s brand toolkit with different and more current formats of your logo for use on new age platforms such as social media & website. It also allows for the creation of best resolution options for sharper images in both small and large format print.
  2. Structural and Significant – The more long-term rethink of your brand, known as 360 rebranding, requires what seems like long and tedious but very necessary process. As the leader of your organization, you must take the journey in understanding various facets of your organization. The process calls for deep introspection of where the organization and its people are in the now, and decide where both should be in the future. It means you seek your organization’s personality, character, reputation, and tone of voice. It requires that you conduct in-depth research into your internal and external audiences. While this deep dive process can be done internally, it does in great part require outsider hand holding because there are some things that are likely to be clearly seen from the outside looking in. Also, because the process of rebranding does not take place in a vacuum, business, as usual, is still ongoing, therefore engaging external assistance in varying degrees is key.
Thellesi Co. Old & New Logos

Thellesi Co. Logo Rebrand (Old & New Logos).

Whichever method you chose to rethink your organization’s brand presence and positioning, know for sure that it’s an exercise that won’t be in futility.

Rebranding shows that organizations are ever-evolving organisms as people who make them up also are.

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